Information for Immigrants

Upper Secondary Education in Iceland - Brochure

Your First Steps in Iceland in ten languages - New information booklet for people moving to Iceland and a booklet on upper secondary education

The booklet covers important and useful information for immigrants planning to settle in Iceland. The information is presented both in Icelandic and the foreign language in each booklet. The Immigration Council in Iceland published the booklet in a co-operation with several parties.

The main goal of the publication of the booklet First Steps in Iceland is to provide immigrants with important and useful information about Icelandic society. It has been translated into nine languages and the text is presented both in Icelandic and the respective foreign language. This enables those who are providing services and information to immigrants to introduce the information both in Icelandic and the language that the immigrants understand. The immigrant has as well at all times both texts and will be able to learn step by step the Icelandic concepts. The languages are: English, Polish, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, German, Spanish and Serbian.

The booklet covers among other things information regarding ID-number, residence permit, work permit, legal address, the tax system and social security. Main rights and obligations in Icelandic society are discussed and information is provided about local authorities, social services, health care, housing, the school system and learning Icelandic. Addresses, phone numbers and websites of important offices are presented and overview of NGO's to contact in crisis or in urgent need of help.

Ísland Nám að loknum grunnskóla (PDF)


BretlandUpper Secondary Education in Iceland
Your First steps in iceland (PDF)



Mokslo tęsimas baigus pagrindinę mokyklą
Pirmieji ?ingsniai Islandijoje (PDF)


Pólland Nauczanie ponadpodstawowe
Pierwsze kroki na Islandii (PDF)

Rússland Обучение на старшей ступени общего образования (PDF)



SerbiaObrazovanje nakon zavrsene osnovne skole
Prvi koraci na Islandu (PDF)


SpánnEstudios al término de la escuela primaria Los primeros pasos en Islandia (PDF)



Tailand การศึกษาต่อหลังจากจบการศึกษา ระดับประถมศึกษาปี
ก้าวแรกเข้าสู่ ประเทศไอซ์แลนด์ (PDF)


VietnamCon đường học vấn sau bậc phổ thông cơ sở Bước đầu tiên khi đặt chân tại Băng đảo (PDF)